Ritalamp – M1.1 Project

Ritalamp is a critical design created to evoke discussion on the use of Ritalin by children with ADHD.

The lamp has no switch and can only be dimmed by pouring in the medication. The idea is that people think critically about giving medication to children in order for them to “fit” behavioural norms set by the school system.

Based on the vision that when it comes to ADHD, we should focus less of our attention on individuals and more on societal transformation, the Ritalamp forms a mediator to launch this critical idea into the masses. By involving key stakeholders in the discussion, we hoped to contribute to the change of the school system to be more attuned to the qualities, learning styles and needs of children with ADHD.

This project was done together with Simone Rietmeijer as part of the first semester in the first year of the masters curriculum at the faculty of Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

A short overview of the project can be found at ritalamp.com
A pictorial describing the process and reflection can be found here.
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The article in the campus newspaper can be found here.