Over the course of my masters I have had the pleasure of doing work for innovation consultancy VanBlend as a young professional.

I helped conduct workshops for, among others, the municipality of Amsterdam, rail company NedTrain and housing agency Mitros in which their complex problems through design thinking and multi-stakeholder collaboration.

My role in these workshops was to ask questions, extract ideas from the experts and stakeholders, link them together and conceptualize them directly. This meant that ideas could be built on and discussed further by the attendees. By doing this, I not only learned valuable tools, but also developed my skills in asking constructive questions, coordinating ideative activity in a multidisciplinary group and designing for complex and wicked problems.

Pleasant cooperation with VanBlend resulted in the company offering me a job as project leader for the research and design of a new service to “clear up” the clutter of street furniture for the municipality Utrecht.

Having worked on around 10 workshops I have experienced the limitations of the IDEO-based design-thinking process and facing complex or wicked problems first hand. As my understanding of these limitations grew, so did my confidence in breaking out of the borders set by this process during workshops.


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