In the RSDL weeks I participated in the Philips Lighting Bootcamp together with a team of two master students and one final bachelor student. The design brief was to design a luminaire with curved OLED panels. The team was asked to choose an existing luminaire and design an analogue OLED version of it. The appearance was allowed to be different, but the application had to be the same. In 5 intense days we ideated with gamestorming techniques, sketched, paper prototyped, 3D modeled and finally prototyped a luminaire.

Next to getting hands on experience with gamestorming under pressure, I learned most from designing for extremely strict specifications and standardizations.

These are elements of product design that I had not before considered while prototyping. I also gained a basic knowledge of lighting during the bootcamp.

The result of the bootcamp was successful, as our design won the bootcamp prize. Next to that, Philips lighting is currently conducting a patent investigation to see how they could protect the intellectual property of some elements in the design. It is for this very reason that there is no picture of the final prototype available in this showcase.