In the spring of 2015 I enrolled in the 1% StudentBattle Competition together with a team of 4 other students. In this competition, teams of students use their skills and expertise to support social enterprises all over the world. Together with five consultants from Accenture, the team redesigned the business model of Terra Nova, a waste-to-compost organisation in Mozambique and developed a business case that has already been implemented.

To fund this, we designed and ran a crowdfunding campaign and raised 8890 euro’s for the business case. In addition to this, I designed an animation for the enrollment and pitches to communicate the process to the jury in the finals. To get to the final we were in the top 8 of 200 teams, and in the final we became second by a minuscule margin.

Next to learning new animation skills and putting my business attitude into practice, I learned a lot about communication through design.

“Stephen and Maarten prepared the pitch well, and the story was clear. The beautiful visuals that were present in the pitch as well as the business case supported the story well.”
~ Jury 1%StudentBattle