The denklens is a toolkit which aims to help nurture the reflective skills of children aged 10-12 in the classroom.The denklens. toolkit supports reflection by capturing two types of processes in the classroom. Firstly the design process that makes up a Design-Based-Learning activity as well as the metacognitive learning process of individual children that encompasses and gives reason for this activity. The denklens itself provides tangible scaffolding for the growth of metacognitive skills. The rest of the toolkit provides tools for effective cooperative learning, setting up personal learning goals and the creation of a digital portfolio.

This project was an individual final bachelor’s project done at the faculty of Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology. The project was graded 9/10 and resulted in a Cum Laude graduation. 

This is one of the most original projects that I have seen today.
~ Carla Wiechers
Hoofdredacteur Binnenstebuiten at Blink Educatie