Project Street Furniture Utrecht

From September to December in 2016 I worked with VanBlend to do research for the design of a product-service system in Utrecht. The municipality of Utrecht has a problem with street furniture: there’s too much of it, the quality is not always up-to-standard and uniformity got lost along the way. Street furniture is an important and ever-growing element in public spaces. Making useful changes and improvements means operating in a multi-stakeholder environment. Shopkeepers and inhabitants, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians, firemen and police, city-architects, road workers and maintenance firms – they all have different demands and wishes. To tackle this challenge, VanBlend ran an innovation program for the municipality and delivered a proof of concept. With this in mind, I was tasked with uncovering as many constraints, demands, opportunities and wishes of stakeholders as possible and conducted over 20 interviews together with the company’s creative partner. The data that was gathered from these interviews was then clustered and mapped by affinity and the analysis was then presented to the municipality along with advice for change.